Deron McBee toured the professional racquetball circuit for three years.

McBee was an original Gladiator on American Gladiators, performing under the name Malibu. McBee appeared for one season on the show and returning several years later for the live tour.  McBee is known for (as Malibu) his blond hair, tanned skin, and surfer persona.

McBee has trained in karate at the Billy Blanks World Karate Studio, and hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship with Anthony De Longis.

As an actor McBee has generally been cast in action movies, usually in roles which allow him to use his fighting skills to portray a villain. For example, in Enter the Blood Ring, he portrays the wrestler Gregor.

His most notable film role is that of Motaro in the second Mortal Kombat film. In the DVD extras of The Killing Zone, McBee states that he has produced his impressive physique by abstaining from steroids and using a combination of prayer and faith.

In addition to film, McBee has had many guest starring roles on television.